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Maternity Wear Shopping Tips

by Carilyn Cannon

Congratulations, you are going to be a mom! Although it can be tempting to run to the maternity stores as soon as you get the good news, truth is you will likely fit into your regular clothes well into your second trimester. Every mom is different, but eventually that telltale baby bump appears and it’s time to hit the stores.
If you are at that in-between stage, when your clothes aren’t fitting comfortably but you’re not filling out maternity clothes, you may want to try a belly band. They are sold almost everywhere maternity clothes are found, and let you continue to wear pants even if they are no longer comfortable to button or hide your belly if your shirt is suddenly a little short. And no one has to know, they come in many colors and look just like a layered tee.

Once there is no denying the need for maternity clothes, try starting with the basics – a couple tank tops which can be paired with a non-maternity cardigan or blazer, a pair of maternity jeans, a second pair of pants or skirt, and a couple tops.
Once you have the essentials, you can mix and match items and add accessories like a light-weight scarf or jewelry to achieve a different look. Additional items you’ll need will depend on individual work dress codes, special events, and of course weather. If you are in a warm climate towards the end of your pregnancy, there are lots of options for comfortable sundresses. If it’s cold, layer what you have and pick up some warm sweaters.

Pregnancy is also a good reason to do a little shoe shopping. Not only are stilettoes and wedges hard to walk in when a baby bump throws you off balance, but many women experience some bloating or stretching of their feet as their body gets ready for labor – so make sure you try on shoes as you may find you need a larger size than normal. If you can’t give up your heels, keep a pair of flip flops or ballet flats close by.
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