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Bliss™ Nursing Pillow

Item #47350

Tired of being uncomfortable while you’re nursing? Born Free has developed the most innovative nursing pillow on the market: the Bliss™ Nursing Pillow. This unique three-stage pillow is fully customizable for your needs, and provides the right height for feeding every baby.
  • At the first stage, mom uses the Nursing Pillow, Nurture Boost, and a newborn mat—this slightly firmer surface helps baby stay awake while feeding. 
  • For the second stage, mom uses the Nursing Pillow and Nurture Boost—a small pillow that allows you to give baby just that perfect incline for feeding. And even better: it can be used on the left or right to accommodate your feeding needs. 
  • By the third stage, growing babies can use the Nursing Pillow on its own. This contoured pillow offers the comfort of just-right height for mom and baby during feeding.
  • For easier care, a selection of machine-washable slipcovers are also available (sold separately).
Click here to view available fashion slip covers. Deluxe covers are also available!

Pillow and slip covers can be purchased at buybuyBaby.

Download our Born Free Breastfeeding Booklet.